80% of police killings in Nigeria are on our roads, high ways street and local roads. Our goal is to stop police killings and brutality in Nigeria. We are the ones to stop that by helping the police to help us stay alive.

Stop giving our police the paper that is the naira note; give them the papers that are your documents. We launch this site to help all Keke drivers, Okada drivers and motorists to apply and get their drivers license easily through subsidy and sensitization.

The rural drivers in our rural areas don’t know they should have a driver's license. Police now see them as potential customers and if they refuse given the token the police sometimes end up killing them. We now take it on to help every driver on the road to have valid documents.

When you are stopped by the police you won't shake or try running away. We will boldly show our documents one day the police will see that the people patronizing them are no longer patrons and they will leave our roads. Two forms on the site, free license section and subsidized section. You come to road safety licensing office close to you on Wednesdays after filling the form.

If you fill the free section you should show evidence that you can pay for one because people are paying for them. Secondly if you are paying 50% of the money we pay the 50%, then you pay back the balance within 2 months time. Call us on +2349049532273, +2347066851102 for more information.

Have you been involved in police brutality?

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